Strengthening of Structural elements (Concrete/Steel):

Structural Strengthening is required for numerous reasons and provides very convenient solutions.

Weather caused by a construction error, a design change, or added loads, strengthening can be the fastest, lightest, most economical solution to allow the structure to function safely.

JACKETING / Section Increase:

Jacketing is the conventional method for structural strengthening. Basically, making the element(s) bigger in size by adding more reinforcement and concrete. Concrete for such can be applied manually or using pumps. Jacketing provides a more economical solution, with a major compromise on time, compared to CFRP.

Structural Steel Strengthening

CFRP Strengthening:

Carbon Fibre is 10 times lighter than steel and provides very high tensile strength. Better yet, it is non-corrosive. In addition, CFRP comes in any length and can adjust to any structural element. Virtually, CFRP has no visual effects and can be easily covered with negligible effect on space.